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Microgreens grown locally in Las Cruces for restaurants, retail and delivery in the Las Cruces area. Freshly harvested and delivered direct to you.

I’m Jay, owner of Desert Microgreens and I love studying soil biology and growing microgreens. My family comes from Northern New Mexico, Santa Fe and Taos where my great-grandmother Cassie Aragon was a farmer. We’ve come full circle now with my return to New Mexico.

As a chef, my added expertise with food brings a special value to our relationship. Growing nutrient-dense food that adds to the health of our community is my biggest goal. It’s absolutely paramount.

Microgreens have stronger flavors compared to sprouts, and come in a wide selection of leaf shapes, textures, and colors. Common studies show that microgreens have forty to one hundred times the nutrition than in mature vegetables. With the degradation of vegetable nutrition from farm to store and to your dinner table, you will find that consuming fresh harvested microgreens will improve your immune system and disease resistance

Available at Toucan Market and FARMesilla and Elephant Ranch Store.
Order directly through our website.


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