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Thanks for your interest in writing Guest Posts for Las Cruces Directory.

We are passionate about Las Cruces and promoting our local businesses and activities in this area of New Mexico.

What Kind Of Content We Do Accept

Anything that is useful for our readers is good content for a guest post here.

You need to provide an In-Depth Article To Get Approved, and usually, the guest posts have over 2,000 words.

Here are some [broad] topics of what you should be thinking about in your guest post pitch:


  • Las Cruces
  • Organ Mountains
  • Mesilla
  • Local History
  • Points & Places of Interest in and around Las Cruces
  • Las Cruces Business owners interviews
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Hiking Trails
  • Local Events
  • Things to do in Las Cruces/Dona Ana County
  • Day Trips from Las Cruces
  • If you have a suggestion reach out to us with your ideas.

Types Of Content

​To give you an idea of what types of content you can create for Las Cruces Directory, I’ll put together a quick list below.

Check it out:

  • Case Study – where you basically prove something works.
  • Research and Original Data – which can be put together almost like a case study.
  • Interview – where you ask an industry expert (or up-and-comer) a series of questions around a single topic.
  • Expert Roundup – where you ask industry experts an interesting question.
  • Link/Resource Guide – where you pick a topic and create a guide. But instead of going in-depth, you provide links to the proper resources.
  • List Posts – which is the most popular type of post.
  • How-to or Ultimate Guide – where you basically show us how to do something.

Length: 2000 +  words

Cost: No cost. We do not charge any fees when accepting and publishing guest posts.

Outbound Links, Expert Opinion & Attribution: Include Outbound links to several other websites as references/sources. You must reach out and get at least 2 opinions/quotes from experts in the field.  The article must give proper attribution.

Images: If you submit images they must be 1,000px wide and optimized. Moreover, the images must have written permission or a license for the images. If they don’t, I won’t accept the article.

Delivery: email body or .docx.  But please do NOT include any images in the docs.  If you have images/screenshots, send them as attachments via email.

Quality: The article must be the very best for its topic online. All content must be written in standard American English spelling and grammar. The post should be error-free and pass COPYSCAPE. Plagiarized work will not be accepted.

For ease of readability, we encourage the use of subheadings.

Uniqueness: The content of the post must be your own original thoughts and ideas, not published elsewhere and copyright free.

Screenshots:  Many article topics are enhanced with screenshots – especially how-to articles.

Links: Include outbound links to several other websites as references/sources: required.  In fact, if you do solid research, there should be 8-10 outbound links referencing your work.  You can include one in-content dofollow link to your site.

Affiliate links: Please do NOT include affiliate links.  FYI, I may add my own affiliate links to the article.

Copyright: You agree that copyright passes entirely to LasCrucesDirectory.com.

Promoting Your Piece: In order to promote your article, plan to share your guest post. If possible, you can link the article on your website or blog. You are also encouraged to engage readers in the comments section when the article has been posted on social media.

Publishing Rights: By submitting a guest post to our site, you agree that every article written for this site will be published only on LasCrucesDirectory.com unless otherwise permitted by a member of our admin team.

Final: We reserve the right to edit the article. We will make any necessary edits to the article if it is accepted, and schedule it for publication. You will receive notice when the post goes live, and are encouraged to interact in the comment section and share the post on your social media accounts, if possible.

Reserve the right to refuse: Your article submission is a submission.  I reserve the right to refuse it or require revisions.

Contact Info

If you have a post that meets the guidelines above, you can send it to me on the email [email protected]

I look forward to working with you and sharing your article.

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