Las Cruces Towing Company

Address: 1430 E Mesa Ave #4, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 88001

32.2861357, -106.7506992

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  • Sarah Yanner

    Such an amazing towing company in Las Cruces. These people were very kind and well mannered when I was desperate for a towing service.

    My husband bought me a new BMW back in January, unfortunately it’s not that new anymore. Someone backed into my car while it was parked beside the road and caused some pretty significant damage. This happened on the night of April 10th, 2020.

    When I called the Las Cruces Towing Company, I spoke to a kind young man named Paul I think. He sent one of the tow truck drivers to tow my vehicle to a friends garage nearby, so that I could get it fixed asap. The tow truck driver arrived to tow my car within around 10-15 minutes from the time that I called.

    I’ve done business with other towing companies in the past, and nothing compares to what the Las Cruces Towing Company was able to do for me. I would definitely recommend these guys if you need a towing service in the Las Cruces area.

    1. Hannah Usey Post author

      Hey Sarah, we really appreciate you taking the time to submit this review! We’re very happing that you’ve had a great experience with us, and we’ll always be finding new ways to increase the quality of our towing service. If you’re ever in need of another towing service, we hope that Las Cruces Towing Company comes to mind. – Thanks again (:

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