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  • What food is Las Cruces NM known for?

    Las Cruces, New Mexico, is known for its rich culinary heritage that blends influences from Native American, Mexican, and Spanish cuisines. Here are some of the foods and flavors that Las Cruces is famous for:

    1. Green Chile: Las Cruces is renowned for its green chile, which is a staple in New Mexican cuisine. The chile can be found in various forms, from roasted and peeled to being incorporated into sauces, stews, and dishes like green chile enchiladas.
    2. Red Chile: Alongside green chile, red chile sauce is another essential component of the local cuisine. It’s made from dried red chile pods and is often served over enchiladas, burritos, and other New Mexican dishes.
    3. Sopaipillas: These puffy, fried pastries are a popular side dish and dessert. They can be eaten with honey or stuffed with savory ingredients like beans, cheese, and chile.
    4. Chiles Rellenos: This dish consists of green chiles stuffed with cheese, coated in an egg batter, and fried until golden brown. They’re typically served with red or green chile sauce.
    5. Tamales: A traditional Mesoamerican dish made of masa (corn dough) which is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. The masa is often filled with meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, chiles, or any preparation according to taste.
    6. Biscochitos: The official state cookie of New Mexico, biscochitos are anise-flavored shortbread cookies that are often enjoyed during holidays and special occasions.
    7. Carne Adovada: This is a dish of pork marinated in red chile sauce and then slow-cooked until tender. It’s a flavorful and comforting dish that’s a staple in New Mexican households.
    8. Posole: A hominy-based stew that’s typically cooked with pork, red chile, garlic, and onions. It’s a hearty dish that’s especially popular during the winter months and celebrations.
    9. Breakfast Burritos: A popular start to the day in Las Cruces, these burritos are typically filled with a combination of eggs, potatoes, cheese, and either bacon, sausage, or chorizo, often smothered in chile sauce.
    10. Calabacitas: A side dish made from sautéed summer squash, corn, green chile, and onions. It’s often seasoned with garlic and spices and can include cheese or be served alongside beans or as a filling for tacos and burritos.
    11. These dishes are just a taste of what Las Cruces has to offer. The city’s culinary scene is a testament to its cultural diversity and agricultural bounty, especially when it comes to chile, which is celebrated annually at the New Mexico Chile Conference and the Hatch Chile Festival nearby.

  • What are some of the top rated restaurants in Las Cruces?

    Some of the top-rated restaurants in Las Cruces, NM, according to various reviews and recommendations, include:

    1. La Nueva Casita Cafe – Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine and homey atmosphere.
    2. D.H. Lescombes Winery & Bistro – Offers a selection of wines and bistro-style dishes.
    3. La Posta de Mesilla– A local favorite for Mexican food.
    4. Double Eagle Restaurant – Features steakhouse fare in a historic setting in Mesilla.
    5. Chala’s Wood Fire Grill – Offers wood-fired specialties with a New Mexican twist.
    6. A Bite of Belgium – Known for its Belgian-inspired breakfast and brunch menu.
    7. Salud! de Mesilla – Provides a contemporary dining experience with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.
    8. Luna Rossa Winery and Pizzeria – Combines a winery setting with delicious Italian cuisine.
    9. Si Senor – Family recipes handed down truly create a traditional New Mexican cuisine
    10. Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant – a family-owned establishment that has been voted the best Italian Restaurant in the area for 18 years running

    These restaurants are just a few of the many excellent local restaurants and they offer a range of dining experiences from casual to fine dining, with a variety of cuisines to choose from.

    Always check the latest reviews or contact the restaurants directly for the most current information regarding their menu, hours, and services.

  • What Restaurant has birds in their Lobby?

    The lobby at La Posta de Mesilla is home to several tropical birds, including species such as macaws, parrots, a toucan, and an African Grey. Visitors to the restaurant can enjoy the unique experience of seeing various species of tropical birds as they wait to be seated or explore the building. The presence of the birds adds to the distinctive ambiance of the restaurant, which is housed in a historical building dating back to the 19th century.

  • Can I find a good place for dinner in Las Cruces, NM?

    Absolutely! Whether you’re looking for a casual spot or nice restaurants in Las Cruces, our directory features a selection of establishments perfect for a delightful dinner experience.

  • Where can I find local restaurants in Las Cruces that offer takeout?

    Many local restaurants in Las Cruces have adapted to offer takeout services as well as contactless pickup. Use our directory to find “takeout restaurants near me” for a convenient and tasty meal at home or work.