Notice: Due to the developing situation with the Coronavirus we have decided to pause this giveaway for the remaining 3 weeks. We have awarded the winners from the first week below

Week One Winners Announced!

  1. Chynna Camarillo with CRUCES AUTO LLC
  2. Ariel Fragoso with Distinguished Choice Insurance Solutions
  3. Tracy Gutierrez with Lomadore Stables
  4. Mario Sauceda with Galaxy Gaming Lounge
  5. Mary Jane Carson with Mary Jane’s Pilates Studio
  6. Idaly Barrera with Rio Vista Renovations LLC
  7. Cecilia Herrera with Medicare Options

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for entering our giveaway!!!

Thanks for your interest in our Local Business Giveaway for Las Cruces Businesses. Las Cruces Directory is a new local business directory with the main goal of helping local businesses succeed. Check out the details of our giveaway below.

Local Business Grand Giveaway - Las Cruces Directory

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Our goal at this time is to run this giveaway for four weeks and award the giveaway prizes to approximately 28-30 local Las Cruces Businesses. So you have plenty of chances to win! Enter Today!

Grand Prizes

Let’s talk about this exciting giveaway! Here is what it includes:

  1. Premium Listing on Las Cruces Directory: The way our directory is setup is that you do NOT have to upgrade your business listing to get the benefit from listing your business. We initially had our Free Business Listings not include a link to your website and that if you wanted this you had to pay to upgrade to our Premium Listing but we decided that our goal is to help local businesses get more exposure so we changed this to now include your website and email links. But with that said there are exciting benefits to Upgrading your Listing to the Premium such as you will be able to add more written content, more photos, more categories, videos and maybe the best thing is that your listings will show above the free listings. Value is $199 a year if you paid yearly or $300 a year if you paid monthly. And guess what? we are giving you a lifetime upgrade so you can figure that value is much more with each passing year you have your business listed.
  2. Google Review Software: Every business can benefit from Google Reviews and the more the better. As a business owner you need to be consistently asking for reviews and our system will help you do that. We have our own software called and one of the features of the software is our Google Review Management module. Many people pay $197 to $500 a month for software that does what this does and if you win you will be getting free access to this software. You will be able to send an Email or SMS Text to your customers requesting they give you a Google Review. Then not only will you be able to see your reviews right in the console you will also be able to reply to the reviews also. Plus if you want to add your reviews to your website you will have a widget available that will show your best reviews only. Google is the main site that you should concentrate on getting reviews for but you can also add or choose to request Facebook Reviews too! Pretty cool huh! Value at $197 a month is $2364 a year but we are giving you lifetime access!
  3. Viral Giveaway Campaign: Many companies run viral giveaway campaigns and the main benefit is so that you get new customers coming into your business and get them to follow you on Social Media. We charge $250 to run a Viral Giveaway Campaign, also using our own software ViralPerks, plus $100 setup. You will have to supply the prize for the giveaway and that can be something that you sell or something that you want to sponsor. You can choose. But now let’s talk about why you would want to do this. With each giveaway it will, depending on how desirable your prize is to the consumer, generate a list of names and emails that you will receive at the end of the giveaway that you can then use to continue marketing to on a regular basis. The money is in the list! If you aren’t currently doing email marketing you need to! Pay close attention to how our viral giveaway works. After the initial entry entrants can earn extra entries by sharing the campaign with their friends and also by performing other actions such as visiting your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest pages. There are many other options that can be set up but you can focus on what matters to you most. Every new entry gives the participants yet another chance to win and they can do as many of these as they want. Try it out when you enter and you get your thank you page, look at the options and earn some extra entries. The more you share it the more entries you will receive. This is why they call it a viral giveaway because they really take very little ad spend to get you great results. Your mileage will vary of course. You will need to contact within 60 (sixty) days after you have been announced a winner to schedule your Giveaway. The Giveaway can be scheduled after the 60 days but you are responsible for contacting us to start the process. Note: We will make every effort to contact you to make this happen but the ball is in your court. Value $350.

Lifetime Access: Okay what does Lifetime Access mean? Software can change and stop working and websites can shut down, you know how things happen out of our control. It is hard to predict the future and as you know anything can happen. But you will have access to the software and your upgraded listing will be honored as long as we are able to realistically do so. Just being honest and real. Lifetime really means as long as all the stars align and nothing happens.

Contest Rules

Contest Rules: View the Contest Rules

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Wishing you much success and hope you win as we are excited to help your business prosper!

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