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At Mary Jane’s Pilate Studio I am exclusively devoted to teaching the classical Pilates method. My goal is to enable you to experience the power of whole body movement, balanced muscle development and integration of mind, body and spirit. This will help you achieve your physical fitness goals, whatever they may be. I am committed to keeping the integrity of the classical method by offering customized lessons to meet the individual needs of a broad range of clientele.

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Pilates is a form of mindful movement that is open to all ages and abilities. It is the invention of a man named Joseph Pilates. Originally called “Controlology”, Joe believed it could cure all sorts of ailments. The Pilates method can help build strength, improve flexibility, and is known for building a strong “core.” For more information on the origins of the Pilates Method click here.

If you are not new to Pilates you know that all Pilates is not the same. At Mary Jane’s Pilates Studio, I practice the Classical Pilates Method. This means I use Pilates equipment as originally created by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a form of mindful movement that is open to all ages and abilities.

Private sessions are a good choice for anyone who is new to Pilates or has a specific concern. All sessions are 45 minutes and are spent 1:1 with the instructor.

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If you are interested in joining a class, I do require a minimum of 3 private sessions prior to joining a class. This will ensure your safety and full enjoyment of your group class experience


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