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If there was one easy and free thing that I could share with you that would help your business the most it would be this.

Look up your business on Google Maps and look for this one thing just after your business address. Do you see “Claim this Business”? If so you really need to claim your listing ASAP for many reasons.

Las Cruces Map with Location Pins

Here are a few reasons why you want to claim your Google Maps and Google My Business listing:

  1. You want to claim it before anyone else does.
  2. You want to control your information.
  3. You want to respond to negative and positive reviews.
  4. You want to add Photos and a 360 Interior virtual tour.
  5. You want Customers to see recent activity from you.

Think of how you use Google Maps especially on Mobile. You might do a voice search like “find a sushi restaurant near me” and that will open up a Google Maps page. One of the first things that you might do is look at the overall review ratings of the restaurants listed right?

Then you might look at the latest reviews of one restaurant that looks promising and see if their reviews are positive or negative. If they are negative you want to at least see if and how the business responded. This tells a lot about how much a business cares don’t you think? Are you doing this for your business? if not you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

One other thing that will really help your business is a 360 Virtual Tour of the interior of your business. People love to see inside your business like this before they make the decision to visit it. And your potential customers are also seeing this as a sign of an active caring business that is actively engaged. Give them what they are looking for.

Right now you have the opportunity to win a free 360 Virtual tour but the giveaway ends August 31st. Even if you don’t win everyone who enters will receive a discount coupon. Why not give it a try and enter now while you can? Just click here and enter your email address.

To learn more about 360 Virtual Tours visit , which is our main company and a Google Trusted Street View Photographer.

The 3 Pack Results In Google

So let’s do that search that I mentioned above “find a sushi restaurant near me” in Google. Here are the results

Google 3 Pack Search Results


What I want you to notice is that there are only 3 listings shown, in what we call the 3 Pack, when you do a search like this even though there are more than 3 sushi restaurants here. How did these three restaurants or businesses get to the top of the results? Was it random or did they do something that increased their chance of getting to the top of the 3 Pack. I can assure you these 3 listings will get the majority of the customers visiting them.

I am not trying to pick on anyone but I can tell you after checking their listings that two of the 3 sushi restaurants listed have NOT claimed their listing in Google. Oh, so you ask “see you can get to the top of the 3 pack without claiming your listing”? Yes, you can see that this is the case. But what if I told you that if you also own a sushi restaurant in this area and you wanted to be listed in the 3 pack that there are things that you can do to push the others out and get your business in the top spots? Think about that for a moment.

We Can Help You Get Better 3 Pack Rankings

So claim your listing right now if you haven’t already. Claiming your business in Google Maps and or on the Google My Business Page is the first step in controlling the narrative for higher rankings. But there is much more to do to optimize your Google My Business listing to get and keep that top ranking. Google looks at a lot of signals and one of them is a freshness signal. This means an ongoing monthly system that will keep you ranking. There is no magic bullet but if you stack the odds in your favor you have a much better chance of outranking the competition.

Contact us if you are interested in dominating the map search results.

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